11 July 2009

Around Lake Baikal

There's only time for a short post between trains for now. We've just spent 2 days on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal, staying in an old-fashioned "sanatorium" hotel, enjoying lazy time by the beautiful beach (as shown on the photo) and watching a wonderful sunset. We got back to Ulan-Ude in a minibus on a horrible road, then got on a night train to Irkutsk where we just spent a day which was rich in positive shopping experiences (I finally found a Salewa travel pant to replace my old pant which is completely torn at the legs, as well as 2 english books for travel literature). In 2 hours we will board a train which will take us to the northern tip of Lake Baikal - in 36 hours. It's long because there's no direct connection along the shores of the lake, so the train has to go in a huge loop. Hopefully this will give us some time to relax, sleep and read (especially in our 2nd class compartments - 3rd class was sold out).
More news - and photos - in a few days, hopefully.

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